Nov 5, 2005

Car Tips 1 - The Right Attitude

Car Tips 1 - The Right Attitude

In order to reduce accidents, our attitude when we get into the car is very important. If we have a very anxious or worried mind, then the likelihood of getting an accident is very imminent.

Make sure we are calm even before we start the engine. A person who drives his motorcar just to have the thrill of speed or just to show off to his friends is very dangerous to other road users. That person should be behind bars.

If you need to have the thrill of speed, go to the racing track and do all you want. Some people drive to calm down after an emotional turmoil. This is also dangerous because you can become immune to other dangers or road users around you.

Always treat your car with respect. It can be a potential killer machine if handled dangerously. A person who drives considerately towards the safety of other road users is not likely to cause any accidents.

Keep alert when you are driving.
Drive defensively by observing other drivers in the front, on the left and right and behind you from the rear view mirror.

Be aware of children crossing the road, children playing by the roadside and animals trotting along the road (animals have no road sense especially cows). Anticipate their actions and slow down when near them to avoid possible accidents.


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