Nov 5, 2005

Car Tips 2 - Be Considerate

Car Tips 2 - Be Considerate

Drive considerately and courteously.

Be polite and well mannered when driving on the road. Don't copy road bullies. They are not a good example to follow. Like the saying goes: "Do unto others what you like others to do unto you."

Be thoughtful of other road users even though they may be pedestrians, cyclists or motorists.
Your understanding and caring actions and examples will help to reduce accidents.

Control your temper and obey all traffic signs and rules. Do not try to beat the traffic lights. Many accidents occur at traffic junctions due to the haste of the driver.

Other drivers may be rude, bad mannered or stupid. Don't let them affect your good driving conduct.

There is a saying, "If you drink, don't drive; if you drive, don't drink".

Be alert and sober whenever behind the driving wheels. Alcohol always reduces the alertness of the driver. This causes the driver to be careless and dare to take unnecessary and silly risks.

Cyclists and pedestrians are slow reaction users on the road. Be sober all the time.
Statistics show that pedestrians always suffer fatal accidents in an accident and usually the driver had been drinking alcohol.

Watch out for elderly people using the road. Watch out for blind people walking with white canes or leased to walking dogs. Always give way to such ones. Even though you may have the right of way, give them the right of way because they do not intentionally want to wander into your path.


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