Nov 5, 2005

Car Tips 3 - Give the Right Signals

Always give signals and the correct signals when you are turning, stopping or slowing down.
Other drivers are observing you and trying to anticipate what you are going to do.

Give the signals with plenty of time before you perform the chosen action. Maintain the signal for a sufficient length of time so that other drivers can understand what you are going to do.

Years ago, before the use of car air-condition, we were asked to use hand signals in our driving.
However, now with most motorists using air-condition, the windows are always wind up and it is impossible to use hand signals. So now it is even more important to use our vehicle/car signals with plenty of good time.
It is also for the benefit of other vehicles waiting at the side roads or pedestrians crossing the roads that we give them early signals.

Keep your passengers away from the windows and refrain them from putting their hands out of the windows. They could be misconstrued or misunderstood as giving the wrong hand signals.

Make sure children do not hold out their hands or heads out of the windows. Keep their toys away from open windows. They may be mistaken for driving signals.


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