Nov 5, 2005

Car Tips 5 - How to Overtake

Car Tips 5 - How to Overtake

The general rule is to overtake on the left of the vehicle in front of you (For American roads only; For UK roads it is the opposite).

However, there are exceptions.

One of the exceptions is if the vehicle in front has indicated that he/she wants to turn to the left, then you may overtake him/her on the right.

How do we know that the vehicle in front is going to turn to the left?
When you see the vehicle signaling to the left and he/she is moving the vehicle slowly towards the centerline of the road for this purpose.

Another exception is during peak hours when the traffic piles up on one lane in multi-lanes road. During such a pile up, the traffic on one lane may be held up while the other lanes are freely moving. You may then overtake to continue to move forward. This is not strictly called overtaking.

Anyway, the driver should never change from one lane to another unless he has made sure that it is safe to do so and that he has given the appropriate signals.

Always overtake on the straight part of the road. Do not overtake on climbing part of the road hump and never overtake at bridges, curves or anywhere else where your view is restricted or blocked.

When there is a vehicle following behind you and you have intention to overtake the car in front of you, make sure you have indicated your signal to overtake. This will tell the driver in the vehicle at the back that you are about to overtake the front vehicle and that he should not overtake you at that moment.

If you are going out for a casual stroll in your car and intend to drive slowly, then keep your car nearer to the safety kerb. Always keep watching the rear view mirror to see whether there are any cars approaching you from the back.
When you see another car or vehicle approaching you, give him the right signal (to show that it is clear to overtake you) to allow the other traffic to overtake you safely.
(If in UK the opposite side of the kerb applies).


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