Nov 7, 2005

Car Tips 9 - After buying your car

After buying your car.

Enjoy your car... is it that simple? Well it's not really that simple. Here is a list of things to think about after the purchase.

* Notify your insurance agent about the new car. Now would also be a good time to get a competitive insurance quote to make sure you are saving the most on auto insurance. Scout around for a good quotation and do not just believe everything that the salesman said.

* Read the entire owners manual at least the important parts. Familiarize yourself especially with the service requirements. Understand when you need to change oil, filters, and other major things like timing belt, automatic transmission fluid and driveline fluids.

* Get used to operating the heating/AC controls and the radio, CD player, DVD player etc. so you do not have to fumble around and risk an accident while on the highway. Nowadays, manufacturers throw in a lot of additional gadgets to entice the customers.

* Pop open the engine hood and look out for the oil filler cap, the oil dipstick, spark plugs location, radiator water container, wiper washer container. If you bought a car with an automotive transmission there will be a dipstick for the transmission fluid also.

* Find the spare tire and tire jack.
Make sure you know where to jack the car when changing a tire and how to remove the spare when you need it. There is usually a slot built into the car body on the underside for you to slot in the jack. There is nothing worse than getting a flat tire in a new car and having to struggle to change it the first time and fumbling to find out where all the parts are.

* Install Accessories!
It's your car and it should make a statement about you. There are plenty of aftermarket items to make your new car unique like yourself. Wheels, wheel covers,bug guards, window visors, stickers, tinted films, air horns and more are all available at accessory shops and part houses.

* Now that you are enjoying your new car, learn how it works.

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