Dec 5, 2005

Car Tip 20 - Cars Need Spring Cleaning, Too

Cars Need Spring Cleaning, Too

Warmer weather and longer daylight hours bring the return of birds and animals to the great outdoors -- as well as the return of the do-it-yourself car mechanic.Out of hibernation the "gear heads" emerge with their brushes, buckets and toolboxes in hand, ready to get their car in top shape for the spring. These car enthusiasts look forward to the spring ritual of checking over, cleaning and fixing their cars.

The experts offer the following spring-cleaning tips:
-- A good hand washing of your vehicle to check out the condition of your paint and make note of any scratches or chips. If you find minor paint damage, buy some touch-up paint as soon as possible and apply it to keep rust from forming.
-- Clean the grease, salt and dirt out of your wheel wells and repair any rust.
-- Check the windshield for any chips or cracks and repair.
-- Replace worn out wiper blades.
-- Check tires for wear and proper tread depth.

On the interior:
-- If your car's carpet is subjected to a lot of salty water during the winter, a rug shampoo can help remove salt from the carpet's fibers and prevent rust from forming underneath.
-- Clean your car's vinyl with a vinyl treatment product to prevent drying and cracking.
-- Clean your windows inside and out to improve visibility.

Of course, along with the spring cleaning and check-up comes the greasy mess from working on a car. But there's one product, now available nationwide, that makes cleaning up automotive grease and grime easy.

High Performance Cleaner and Degreaser works on heavy grease and grime build-up on engines, tires, tools and shop floors, but is also safe for grease-stained uniforms, upholstery and carpet. Get them from detail shops especially those recommended for car shows and motor sports circles.

One customer wrote, "When I purchased my car, it was full of coal dust from the previous owner. Coal dust, can you imagine? The upholstery was supposed to be green, but almost all of it was entirely black. I tried everything to get the coal out, but nothing worked. I was extremely pleased when I tried your product and it actually worked. I used it on the seats, the carpet and the dashboard. Now my entire car is clean."

Another pleased customer says, "I own a detail shop and can't imagine cleaning without High Performance Cleaner and Degreaser."

What's more, after the car is clean, these High Performance Cleaner and Degreaser will work on shop or garage floors, as well as on clothes and rags that become stained with grease. Just add to a load of laundry, and the grease disappears effortlessly.

There are also High Performance All Wheel Cleaner, made specifically for vehicle rims and wheel covers. It instantly dissolves brake dust and road grime, cleaning down to the original finish. It's safe for use on rims made of aluminum, plastic and clear or coated chrome. These products are available at most chain retail stores and at automotive specialty stores nationwide.

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