Sep 28, 2007

The irony of using a faster touch n go card

Driving through the highway is a good way of saving time especially with the "touch n go" card issued by the toll highway operator.

However you would have noticed that there are several toll plazas where two toll collector booths will be opened. One of them is for collecting cash meant for the toll that the motorist have to pay. The other will be for collecting either cash OR for swiping the touch n go card.

The problem becomes acute when the cars began to queue up for payment at the toll.
When you are a touch n go card holder, you are buying into a convenience whereby you do not have to waste time by queuing up with the rest of the cash payers. When the cash payers find that both tolls are able to collect cash, they will quickly use up both the lanes for payment resulting in the card holders having to queue up with them.

This brings us up to the question: why should we purchase a touch n go card?

What is the benefit of a card holder, when you have to queue up with all the rest?

Can't the operators dedicate just one lane for card holders and the other lanes for cash holders instead of mixing up the payment methods?

I know this does not happen to all the toll plazas along the highway, but the ones that I use - have this problem.

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