Oct 19, 2007

10 Ways To Overcome The High Oil, Gas & Petrol Prices, Both Local And International

These are my personal understanding on how I can overcome the high prices of gas or petrol for my personal expenses.

They may not be rocket science deductions or great political analysis, but if I can do all these ten ways, my monthly expenses will be reduced, my life will be healthier, the environment will be better, global warming will slow down, demand for gas and petrol will reduce and the gas prices will fall.

Here are the ten:

1. Use motion detector or sensored devices to operate your electrical appliances and lightings. For example, your lights or fans will turn off by themselves when there is no movement or motion detected. This is great for walkways, hallways, driveways, playgrounds, games rooms etc. Much electricity / energy is wasted because many people forgot to off their switches to the appliances. When less electricity is used, less gas is used to generate that electricity.

2. Use light sensored switches to control perimeter lights such as garden lights, back door lights, garages, road lights etc. These switches will only turn on when night falls. During daybreak, the switches will turn all the lights off. You will never forget to turn off the lights again. With less electricity consumed, less gas is required by the generators.

3. Use as much renewable energy as possible such as solar powered, wind powered, hydrogen generated, hybrid generators etc. These are non-dependant on the gas produced by the oil fields. Presently, these energies may be expensive, but when more individuals favor these renewable energies, the installation prices will fall, the savings will be noticed on the medium or long run. Better still; if possible, shift your house nearer to the seaside for breezier atmosphere. The natural breeze will be good for your health and it also saves your energy costs to run your fans and air conditioners.

4. Change your driving habits. Use more cruising in your driving, and use higher gears more often. If possible, go for a manual geared automobile instead of an automatic one. Nowadays, many automatic cars also come with manual shifts to allow flexibility for the car owner.

5. Use lower capacity cars for town driving and for driving within a 25 kilometer radius. The rational is that within the town, there are many stops and obstacles causing the vehicles to consume more petrol or gas. When you are using a lower capacity car (say 650 cc) instead of a higher capacity car (say 3500 cc), your vehicle will consume less gas during those waiting times. Over a period of time, you will find that your petrol consumption will be drastically reduced.

6. Use air conditioners that have a combined heater which can be used to power your hot water requirements in your home. Most homes have separate air-conditioners and water heaters. But if you install an air-conditioner with a built in heater pump for your home, you will have up to 40% savings on your energy bills. The excess heat generated by the air conditioners can be used to run your launderette, kitchen taps, dishwashing appliances, spa and other water heating services.

7. Use electrical powered bikes, cars, bicycles, mopeds and other forms of short distance transporters that can run on electricity instead of gas or petrol. This is a direct reduction on the usage of gas and the demand will be reduced immediately.

8. Use more public transportation such as buses, mass rapid transportation (MRT), light rail transportation (LRT), subways etc. Reduce your dependency on your cars and taxis.

9. Join environmental conscience groups, climatic crisis groups and add consensus to the combined voices to pressure energy generators to convert to natural energy or renewable energy generators such as hydro-electricity, sea wave generated electricity or wind farms.

10. Use energy saving devices for all appliances. For your cars, you can install ISpark at www.motorspark.com so that your cars become more fuel efficient, and your power is boosted for greater acceleration. That means you step on less petrol to travel the same distance and you can arrive there faster. For your homes you can install LED lights instead or halogen / fluorescent / incandescent bulbs. LED uses minimum energy as compared to the others. For your TVs and computer screens, use LCD monitors instead of the normal CRT tubes or devices. Consider solar powered garden and wall lights for a start.

Let's contribute for a better tomorrow.

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