Oct 8, 2007

Driving in the night technologically

BMW claims that its new 7 Series is the first production car to feature a far infra-red night vision system, used in conjunction with the new high-beam "assist" function to make night driving safer. A thermal imaging camera covers a distance of up to 300m in front of the vehicle creates an image of objects out of range of the normal headlights. The more brilliantly the object on the central monitor is displayed, the greater the warmth registered by the camera. Pedestrians and animals would thus be the brightest areas of the image because of their high infra-red heat signature; they're also the most important things to concentrate on when driving responsibly.

The thermal-imaging camera is installed behind impact-resistant glass and a fine grid in the left front bumper. A camera cleaner jet is activated along with the windscreen washer system and the glass cover is heated when the outside temperature is below 5ÂșC.

Motoring is getting more and more sophisticatedly and technology has helped made human lives safer on the road.

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