Oct 26, 2007

Green light for cleaner and safer cars

Lately, the buzz in Malaysia and Singapore is about motor shows and motor exhibitions. The public are being deluged with promotions after promotions of newer and shinier models. Luxury cars are no longer reserved for the few elite, but young yuppies are finding themselves behind these sexy wheels which speak of a new found wealthy class of professionals who have made it.

In the past, motor shows have always been about sexy cars. Now, the emphasis seems to have shifted to lower fuel consumption and controlled toxic gas emissions. There have been greater emphases on environmental protection and greater care for the climate and planet earth. All the hype by environmental evangelists such as the former Vice President of United States, Al Gore, seems to be bearing fruit.

Toyota was one of the first car manufacturers to come up with a hybrid sedan car that runs on petrol and electricity. The idea is a cleaner fuel and more efficient engine compartment. Subsequently, other motoring giants have also jumped on the bandwagon and come up with their latest hybrid show models, ready to entice the new generation of environmental conscious car buyers.

Whatever it is, a car or vehicle will not function to its maximum design if their parts are defective or of sub-standard quality. I remember when I was servicing my multi-purpose Toyota Avanza, there were plenty of salesmen peddling cheap Toyota auto parts to replace worn out ones. That is one of the silliest ideas to accept particularly in this era of car and passenger safety. Particularly for my friends who use their 4 wheeled vehicles for off-road adventures, safety and dependency is top most on the mind when you are in the midst of a rocky climb. You wouldn’t want your Four-wheeled drive Isuzu Trooper to fail you while you are negotiating a steep climb just because you have compromised and installed defective Isuzu parts.

Get genuine parts from genuine distributors. Go for good reviews from satisfied customers. In Malaysia and Singapore, it is a hip thing to install fancy accessories to impress the opposite sex with their new wheels. Due to the popularity of certain models such as the Honda City or Honda Accord, many imitation accessories have emerged. You should always demand to have genuine Honda Accord parts and accessories. You will never go wrong on this path.

Happy motoring.

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