Nov 5, 2007

Can your car run on sawdust instead of petrol?

It was reported that the Canadian scientists are experimenting with powering up your car with sawdust instead of the black oil that ooze from the ground beneath. With the price of oil aiming for US$100 / barrel, we are talking about a world inflation if nothing is done about this.

Some years ago, there was a story that reported automobiles running on tapwater! So the story goes, nothing is impossible. An alternative to petrol / gas, is also good for the environment as well as saving the future of the planet.

Running on sawdust / wooddust is not so far fetch. There is a vast availability of wood dust. In the province of British Columbia alone, a 8.8 million tonnes of wood waste is produced per year, excluding the rest of the other provinces that are already entrenched in the timber industry.

Would this be one of the means to end the oil monopoly?

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