Apr 23, 2008

How to sleep in your car

I found it amusing to know that there is even an article related to teaching you how to sleep in your car.


However, let me advice you that you are doing it at your own risk. There are many reasons and some of the most important reasons I can think of right now is that you are going to die of carbon monoxide poisoning. No matter how insulated you are from the outside atmosphere, the engine compartment is still linked to the passenger compartment. Leaks are going to occur whether you can detect it or not. Anyway, carbon monoxide gas is odorless i.e. you cannot smell it. Many suicides have occurred in this manner because of the painless procedure.

Secondly, in the present age of terror and violence, it is most likely that you will me robbed, mugged, raped, decapitated, de-limbed, taken for a terror ride, or killed. This is a modern and technologically advanced age but it is also the most violent age that we are living in.

I think the above is enough for you to stomach for the moment. My sincere advice, don't sleep in your car. Get home to sleep or a motel or a friend's house. Period.

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