May 11, 2008

Perodua Nautica or "naughty car"

With the recent launch of the Perodua Nautica, there has been a renewed interest in the 4 wheel drive section of the car market. Previous editions of 4WDs are either too pricey or high on maintenance, since it is a wholly imported model. Parts are expensive and servicing is also expensive.

Hopefully, with the advent of the Nautica, Malaysian drivers can experience the comfort and safety of 4WD without burning a hole in the pocket.

However, without sounding to be too much of a pessimist, I do find several discouraging factors that are deterrents to buying a Nautica. These are only my personal point of views and nobody else.


They are:

a. The power is too low. The cc, is only 1.5l, while most other 4WDs are at least 2l. With such low power, the engine will be dragged and the petrol consumption will be high.

b. The seating capacity is only for 5 persons. With most other family vehicles, the intention is to be able to fetch as many as possible, especially now the introduction of rear seat belts seem imminent. The Toyota Rush is 7 seater. So people will be more keen to invest in the Rush than a Nautica. Also, the rear seats do not really take in 3 passengers comfortably. The 3rd passenger will have a tight squeeze.

c. The price of the car is a huge jump from the Kembara. Since Malaysian mentality is to take price increase in small increments, many will be deterred away from the price of RM89,900. The Kembara was only RM60,000.

d. And lastly, the choice of colors is terrible. There are only 2 colors available, and as  you know, people like variety. So, your favorite color may not be mine.

So there you are, it is just my two cents.

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