May 11, 2008

Why are car prices in Malaysia so expensive?

Do you realized that if you are a graduate with say three years of working experience, you cannot even afford a decent new car? You have to settle for a car that is maybe 5 years old, because your salary will not be able to take in all the car installments.

Maybe, you say it must be the whole economy fault. Let me tell you something. I was in Hawaii lately, and the price of a new Mercedes C200 is only about $30,000+. Dollar for dollar, if a 3 year graduate in US were to draw a salary of RM4000 per month, he can easily afford this car, because your installment would only be about $400 a month.


However, a new Mercedes C200 will cost you a limb here in Malaysia. The present price is around RM$300,000. How can a graduate pay for such a car? The installment would be more that his whole month's salary (say around RM$4000 also).

A car is now a basic necessity nowadays and you cannot really move about very much without one. So can our present government make this basic necessity reachable to everyone.

Why must the prices of cars be so high?

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