Sep 10, 2008

Are Car Magazines useful in buying a new car?


Many people rely on other people's advice especially on the purchase of an automobile / car. The words of a trusted friend goes a long way to convince a car purchaser on what type of car to buy. The investment for a regular guy that goes into a new car is quite a considerable amount in present market value and is usually the second largest purchase after the purchase of a house. What happens when there is no reliable friend around? Who can give solid advice to a purchaser? Would the potential purchaser depend on newspapers, classified ads, car magazines, books or the old-fashioned salesman at the car showroom?

Today, with the advent of the Internet, it is normal for a yuppy (and not necessary an-internet savvy person) to consult with on-line blogs, car review websites, forums, and even eBay before plunging the initial step of placing a deposit for a set of new wheels. The convenience of participating on comments in blogs, forums etc. has opened a new realm of social networking for personal benefits. You actually have lots of people who are more than willing to share their experiences with you and to offer free advice to you - without any obligations or other ulterior motives.

Once upon a time, we used to look out for the classified ads at the back of the Star papers, just to check out the prices of the vehicles but a quicker and cheaper way today would be to "google" for it.

You can even view them in video sites such as youtube, metacafe or google videos all at the comfort of your armchair in front of your computer. No need to waste your time and money running from showroom to showroom gawking at the vehicles.

So, are car magazines important or useful when purchasing a new car? Yes and no. Yes, when the car magazine is an online version with all the featured tabs. No, when you have to buy the soft copy magazine, and then finding out that many of the information is not covered or it does not give a wider scope of reliable information.

Happy hunting!

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