Sep 22, 2008

Necessity is the mother of invention - in the motor industry

Many people in the world are still staggering from the full impact of the recent fuel price increase. The developed countries like US, Britain, France are also in the same predicament as those in Third World countries, all be it, to a lesser degree. However, it is about time that an alternative should be made viable for the mass, such that total dependence on fossil fuels should be unchained.

There is a renewed interest in the electric powered car production. No longer do we need to be controlled by the Middle East Oil crisis - fighting for oil with violence, as quoted by those "anti-Iraq war" patriarchs, but we can strongly look forward to a greener world and a lesser dependence on limited fuel resources such as petroleum.

One of the latest to join in this array of manufacturers of electrical cars is the Chinese car industry players. A Chinese electric car called the Flybo has reached the U.S. market and it is sold by a U.S. distributor, Wuzheng North America.

During the Beijing Olympics last month, various car makers have came up with hybrid or hydrogen powered vehicles for the Olympic use. Some taxi drivers have upgraded their cars to hybrid models, hopefully giving themselves better fuel economy and playing their part in preserving the environment.

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