Oct 31, 2008

Pump more petrol - price is dropping

The government of the day is announcing that pump prices are dropping. What a welcome news to motorist and joy riders.

"Friday October 31, 2008
Govt expected to reduce petrol price by 15 sen a litre Saturday

PETALING JAYA: Petrol prices are expected to be cut by 15 sen a litre at 12.01am tomorrow – the fourth reduction since August.

This means the RON97 will cost RM2.15 a litre, down from RM2.30, and the price of RON92 is also expected to go down... The Star "

What a wave of refreshment. What a time of relief. What a smile for everyone.

For that matter, it is everyone's hope that all consumer items should also decrease in price. Especially the cartel over raw materials, construction products, transportation costs etc.

Does that mean that there is no more tightening of the belt for the average Joe? Can we afford to indulge in one's past-time favourites again? How about the long awaited holiday that every member of the family is looking forward to? Can we afford to spend as if tomorrow the price will drop further?

Wow, so many uncertainties. Just cross your fingers and hope for the best. But for the motor enthusiasts, this is the best time to take a joy ride all along the whole Expressway to burn off some of the joy of savings.

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