Nov 19, 2008

To Honda or not to Honda ??

I was approached by Mr. Eric Lam, the proprietor of the local Honda franchisee, of Haslita Motor Sdn Bhd to purchase a Honda Accord new model about two days ago.Of course the initial reaction would be, "sure, why not?" Let's have a look, especially with the latest newspaper report on the Asimo robot, and how advance Honda technology is. Hey, this robot is almost human. This is getting too close to be like the show "Matrix".

asimo robot

One look at the price tag of the Accord brought such a heavy deterrent to the soul. The new Accord is way beyond the normal wage earner, unless you can write it off as a business expense. On further checking, the "Honda Fit" seems like a great alternative. This is the latest addition to the Honda family. As someone once said, if you need to get a new car, go for the latest model. The old phasing-out model may have problems with spare parts later.

honda fitHonda Fit

So reading on further Honda Fit reviews brings up bigger surprises. The car is actually more like an MPV rather than a sedan car. It is 7 feet 9 inches long and can seat five adults comfortable. Further EPA estimates the fuel consumption to be 33 mpg - which is great, considering all the turmoil over gas prices and gas wars nowadays. In one of those 2008 Honda Fit reviews, I found that they actually overdid their features - the car has 10 beverage holders! Not 5, but 10. That means each passenger gets to have two holders - which can come in handy if you are driving on a ten hour journey.

Besides the basic utilities, other extras are like 6 air-bags, built in GPS, built in USB Audio Interface - accessible to maps and mp3s (all within the control of the steering wheel handle - makes you feel like an F1 driver).

Safety? No problem. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gives the 2008 Honda Fit a Five (5) Star rating. Hey, that is the max, already.

Any, bad news? Yes. Sorry, guys and gals, it is only available here in 2009. I guess they are trying to clear the old stock of the previous models first. Cross your fingers and wait patiently.

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